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The insights and information you will gain through Parents' Academy will transform your outlook and equip you with positive and effective guidance techniques for children of all ages. Graduates of the program share with us that the class helped them increase their patience and decrease their stress.

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Ever wish your kids came with instructions?

A "how to" manual that would outline a step by step process for raising a healthy, respectful, and successful child? Do you dream of less stress and more harmony in your home? You want the best for your family and you are seeking guidance and support as you tackle the most important job you will ever have: being a parent.

Parents' Academy is here to assist you. Our experienced Parent Coaches are ready to help you problem solve the challenges of raising children in today's busy world. Through innovative workshops, our program gives you the opportunity to connect with other parents in a supportive learning environment.

When is the last time you even had a moment to THINK about your goals and dreams for your family in between work, family, home, and getting a meal on the table? Parents' Academy has your back. We begin each class with a family meal, and our experienced childcare staff watch over your children while moms and dads (and grandparents too!) invest in their family success.



Parents' Academy Director

Kathy Lozano has 36 years of experience as a parent and counts her son Jose and daughter Stephanie as the top two teachers in her life. She learned unconditional love from them and "grew into" the role of successful parent through trial and error, stumbles and successes. Along the way, Kathy taught elementary students, junior high, college students, adults of all ages, and she managed an early childhood center. For the past 25 years, Kathy has taught parenting classes in San Antonio, coaching thousands of families and helping them on their journey to family success.

Have questions about Parents' Academy? Please contact Kathy Lozano, director.


Let us show you who we are and what we do. Browse through our gallery to preview what you will find at Parents' Academy. Meet some of the families who have taken the journey with us!


What our participants are saying about Parents' Academy


information * encouragement * inspiration

Click on Kathy's blog below for one mom's view of love, life and the roller coaster journey we call parenting.

Parents' Academy allows us to share all the emotions, life lessons, struggles and accomplishments that we go through as parents on a daily basis.... it is therapeutic and encouraging. 

Joe, March 2017

I have learned concepts that explain difficult behavior and attitudes in children and I have gained tools that help me think through how to deal with emotional situations when raising my children.

Claudia ,  April 2017

This class has helped me to see where I am compared to where I want to be, and the steps I need to take to get there. This way, I can be a balanced and loving parent who helps give their child the best possible life.

Shannon, July 2016

This class has given us a better understanding in parenting and communicating. We now have the tools to deal with situations that we thought we couldn't. This class gave us a better understanding of ourselves and our child. Thank you so much.

Amari & Crystal, November 2016

The program helped me view the flaws in some of my parenting skills. Not saying what I do is wrong, but it has helped me improve in numerous alternative ways to do what I do as a parent. It also has given me a very deep insight on a child's life. I've learned a lot that I never knew about children.

Broderick , October 2016

Parents' Academy helped me with ways I can nurture my son. I feel with these classes I will succeed in raising my son. If I were ever to hit a bump in the road I can reflect back on what I've learned and deal with it in a more positive way. Thank you so much Kathy for guiding me and teaching me. Because of you, I will be a better person and parent for my son.

Geraline, October 2016


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