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Your Journey to Success

Parents' Academy welcomes you to our new website: a place to find resources and build connections on your journey to raising healthy, amazing children! No job will ever be as rewarding, (or as challenging) as parenting and you have come to the right place for encouragement, information and inspiration.

None of our children came with directions... mine included. You can buy a $5 tshirt at Walmart with a giant tag of care instructions, but no child comes with a care label. I did a lot of learning by "trial and error", and often found myself in over my head...doing the best I could in the situation. We all have those days! Some of those days have become the stories I tell in Parents' Academy classes. We all have a laugh together and then brainstorm alternatives. My children were blessed with a mom who never gave up. Yours are blessed by the amazing collection of qualities that make YOU the most influential person in their life!

I have had the pleasure and privilege of interacting with thousands of families since we launched Parents' Academy back in 1994. That's 22 years of learning from parents what is important to them and working together to give their children the best emotional foundation in life. Whether you are the parent of a tot,a toddler or a teen, Parents' Academy is here to help you on the most important journey of your life.

As you explore our website, you will see families who have joined us on the journey and read testimonials from a few of them. You can register for our next class and learn more about the ways Parents' Academy can help you build family success. This blog is my way of opening a conversation with you. Subscribe below to stay connected and receive weekly insights and inspiration.

My wish for you is that you SEE how amazing you are and that you find a minute here and there to realize what a gift you are to your children. To paraphrase one of my favorite philosophers, Buzz Lightyear, your impact in your child's life lasts "to infinity and beyond"!

Thanks for reading!

Kathy Lozano

Parents' Academy Director

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