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New Direction for Parents' Academy

I took a quick walk this morning in between the phone calls and emails and items on the "to do" list as I prepare for our all new workshop "Positive Discipline Toolbox" that launches today. I have a swirl of ideas going in my head, concepts that I want to explore, activities that I am imagining and I am trying to bring it all into focus.

I have a good start on the overall direction of the class, a foundation, but the real meat of the class will come from the parents who will be in the group.

My walk on this beautiful morning illustrated what is true in life...sometimes we feel it, but cannot see clearly.

I took a walk to clear my head and settle into my creative spirit. As I passed the pecan trees and the mesquite trees and the birds singing a familiar chorus, I snapped this photo looking directly into the sun. I had no idea how it would turn out. The glare on my phone showed me just the outline of the palm tree and our administration building.

Sometimes in life, all we see at the moment is the outline. When we continue on the path, our view becomes clearer, our destination closer. Looking at the photo I captured, I can now see the detail and the beauty of the 90 year old convent, the palm tree and one of the mighty pecans on this beautiful campus.

The details of our new program will come into focus as I keep seeking. Developing and launching a website, a blog and a new direction for Parents' Academy in the past two months has been a revitalizing journey. Our goal to empower families with positive parenting skills that reduce family stress and increase family success will continue and grow. Along the way, I will keep looking into the sun, absorbing the energy of nature and I will keep listening.

I would love to hear from you and hear more about your journey as you lead your family. I am listening.....

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