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Parents' Academy: Making Connections

When I reflect on the WHY of Parents' Academy, I always come back to the same focus: Making Connections. Connecting with parents to inspire, encourage and support them in their most important role of connecting with their children is why we exist. Sharing our stories, exploring our hopes and our shadows leads us on a path to hope and healing. Connecting with others on the journey is a gift often lost in our overly busy and loud world.

Parenting is all about building that life long relationship. Our impact on our children lasts generations....long after we are gone, their hope and their hearts will live on. Whatever we can do to encourage and support parents as they learn and grow is an investment in a future of love and caring. For those who wonder what the experience of making connections through Parents' Academy is like-I wrote this reflection to describe the community that forms in our workshops....

Making Connections

family to family

friend to friend

the circle widens

love without end.

an aching heart

a lonely soul

all find comfort

becoming whole.

sharing the burdens

laughing the joys

all the mysteries

a parent enjoys.

building the family

one heart at a time

sharing our strength

a blessed design.

Kathy Lozano

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