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Building Family Success

Since 1994, my role at Parents' Academy has been to design and deliver effective and inspiring parenting workshops for all kinds of families. Thousands of families have been welcomed, encouraged, empowered and supported in their goal to raise healthy, well balanced children.

Parents' Academy workshops become a welcome part of the week as families gather to share a meal prepared for them, talk about the ups and downs of family life, and gain new insights for the journey of guiding the next generation. When mom and dad go to their classroom, children rush excitedly to the door of their play area for two hours of fun. At the end of the evening, it is time to head home with the family in tow.

That is when the real work begins...the time to try out the insights and techniques we talk about in class... to test that unconditional love , build that trust and set those boundaries with respect. Parenting is the hardest job we will ever do and the only one that lasts 24/7/365 for LIFE. It is also among the biggest gifts in life. Yes, it is overwhelming at times and will push us further than we ever thought we could go.

It is a blessing and an honor to be a "rest stop" for busy parents... a place to stop a while, enjoy a meal someone else cooked for you and connect with other parents in a supportive and nurturing environment. Taking some time to re-charge and re-fuel is essential to our mental and emotional health. When parents are valued, cared for and honored, they bring those values to their families and family relationships improve. Children go through whatever their parents are going through. Add a positive element to your lives together by investing in YOU.

Parents' Academy is here to help!

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