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Parents' Academy Graduate Feedback

These smiling folks are the first graduates of our new "Positive Discipline Toolbox" workshop. We spent 8 Tuesday evenings together, sharing dinner, concepts, and conversations about life, family, kids and parenting.

Our new program design is a combination of content and community building. Today's post spotlights some of the graduate comments about the program. Based on the feedback from the graduates, the program was a hit!

Crystal: The class taught me useful tools for my family. I felt that I could relate to a lot of the other parents.

Stanley: Parenting class helped me better understand how to connect to my children by helping me better understand myself.

Amy: I have learned new skills in developing my parental abilities. The techniques do work!

Hope: Parents' Academy is helping me become a more conscious and aware parent... I am more in tuned to my nurturing side and able to communicate more efficiently with my family when I am in need of help.

Laurie: I have learned to communicate with my family and to take parenting advice from others in a positive manner.

Rosie: Group support is a big plus! The class helped me understand it's okay to not know what to do with a toddler. Thankfully, now I have a toolbox to use forever.

Joe: Parenting class allows us to share all the emotions, life lessons, struggles and accomplishments that we go through as parents on a daily basis. It is therapeutic and encouraging.

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