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Earth Day at My House

Yesterday, as I was putting away a tool in my garden shed, I spotted this bright gecko sunning himself. He was taking a short rest from a busy day, jumping from leaf to leaf, climbing on my garden art and looking for small bugs to feed his gecko tummy. I stopped a moment to watch him and take in the beauty of his natural habitat, my garden.

There are many creatures who call my garden home...some of them act like I am intruder instead of the lady who paid off the mortgage. I have a number of various "volunteer" cats who wander through, sit on my patio furniture, lounge on my adirondack chairs and sun themselves on my iron table. They act annoyed when I show up in "their" yard and they will bravely defend their territory from my son's dog Franklin when he is visiting.

A plethora of birds of all colors and sizes establish homes in my yard. In winter time, when my trees are naked, I can see the empty nests left behind by their former tenants. My giant pecan tree makes a home for many squirrels and one fancy woodpecker. Evenings in my garden bear witness to sparkling and twinkling fireflies in all directions.

One of the nomads who wanders through does so slowly and clumsily...a large possum. I don't get closer to admire that particular creature when it goes lumbering by. I call this piece of earth "my" home, yet it is home to many creatures. Yes, I am more likely to appreciate a lovely butterfly gliding over the flowers than a hairy possum scuttling along the fence line. Yet both creatures are a part of my garden habitat.

Earth day, for me, is every day... an opportunity to be thankful for the beauty of our planet and all the creatures who call it home. Learning to respect and cherish life begins with loving nature and caring for our environment. Teaching children to save water, to recycle, to be kind to animals and conserve resources is imperative if future generations will enjoy nature's beauty.

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