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Mom Life

These two little ones have been my teachers in the many joys and challenges of "Mom Life". They are my greatest gifts- watching them grow has been my greatest blessing. I started "mom life" back in the 80's. One day I will post a picture of my 80's hair with one of my 80's babies. (yes, there was a perm involved! LOL) My children are 4 years apart, so there was a long hair perm and then a short hair perm, depending on which picture is on display. We have all changed since then.... in so many ways!

The one thing that has not changed is that these two are the MOST important people in my life. My son and my daughter have been at the heart of every decision I made, every challenge I faced and every victory I won. In so many ways, we learned and grew together. I had been teaching elementary school for several years when my son was born and I thought I was prepared to have my very own child 24/7. Boy, was I wrong about that!

No matter what you think you know, there are a MILLION things you don't know when you suddenly have full ownership of a small human. I couldn't google what to do with a small child with a large fever back in 1984....I had to use an old fashioned land line to call a mom with experience. The reassuring words I heard from my friend on the other end of the line meant more to me than anything I could read today on WebMD.

"Mom life" is about connecting with other moms. and dads. and grandparents. Today, it means connecting with support groups, baby apps, facebook groups and websites. Most of all, it is calling your own mom for advice. Connecting is still important!

In the early years, my children grew up in a two parent home. Soon, it was just mom and the kids and I relied even more on the loving and caring individuals I looked to for advice. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I am grateful to all the people who were in "my village".

What I learned in my "mom life" was that my heart was capable of doubling in size to love two as fiercely as I loved one. Being a mom is such a privilege and honor. As I watch in wonder, my once little children are now strong, confident and talented adults who are making a difference in our world.

My "Mom life" now is not piles of laundry and homework to check. It is no longer blue boxes of Kraft Macaroni and cheese after a long day at work. But it is still listening, connecting and sharing the ups and downs of life with my children. They may be "grown and gone" from the house, but they will never be gone from my heart.

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