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Your Kids Need REAL Books!

In today's rush and hurry world, our little ones are more likely to be entertained by a video on a smart phone than by a "touch the pages" book. We are amazed at how "smart" our toddlers are as they know what buttons to push and how to scroll down for the video they want. In a technology driven world, a trip to the library to check out real books does not happen very often.

Children who have been "read to" by countless videos and learning shows are expanding their vocabulary and knowledge, but they are missing out on one essential element... CONNECTION to you! Sitting in a parent's lap, hearing his or her voice give life to the characters in the story and helping turn the pages as the story unfolds creates a level of quality time that watching a video together cannot replicate.

Stash a few books in the baby's bag as you head to the pediatrician's office. Have a book on hand as you wait for your dinner when you are out to eat, rather than handing your child your phone. Share some giggles over reading to your child and enjoying the story together. Yes, you will have to read favorite books over and over. You are building your child's love for learning on that 1 millionth time of reading "Where the Wild Things Are".

At some point, you child will begin to "read" to you as they learn what is on every single page. Let them take over and show your utter amazement at their imagination and brilliance. Enjoying time with a real book to share builds learning and bonding with you.

Our children need to see us reading something other than a phone or a tablet. What about family reading time, where are the screens are turned off and everyone takes a technology break to read books, newspapers and


Children's books are expensive. But you know what isn't? A library card! I know you have your phone handy....look up the library closest to you and find out when you can get there to apply for a library card. A million books await you....just don't check them all out at once!

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