Never Give Up

There are more blooms left in you than you know! This hibiscus at my house has blessed me with a 4 bloom day, a 5 or 6 bloom day, and now it reached a new personal record: an 8 bloom day. As I was watering my plants before work yesterday, I was delighted to see the hibiscus was providing more beauty than ever to the fence along my driveway. The flowers only last one day, and then the plant "regroups" a bit while the new buds are getting ready for their turn to shine.

Sounds a lot like life to me. We will not always be in full bloom. There are days, weeks and even seasons when our hopes and dreams seem far away. We have to keep believing and keep making small steps in the direction of our goals. If we let the "it's not worth it" or "I'll never make it" thoughts in, it is like denying water to a plant and locking it up in the closet. Our goals and dreams need routine maintenance and sometimes some reshaping and pruning.

So often, as parents, we are just trying to get through the day, the week, the bedtime chaos and the busy mornings and we do not take a moment to dream for our families.

What is really important to you? What do you want your children to learn about their value? Do you feel heard and valued in your home and in your relationships, or are there "weeds" coming up in your family life? Are there patterns in family communication you want to change? Finding a quiet moment to connect with each family member individually, to just spend some time together is a big challenge for most of us. But it is WORTH it!

Don't be too hard on yourself! Parenting is the most demanding and most rewarding lifetime commitment; one that calls us to pull out energy and resources we did not even know we had. By taking care of yourself and nurturing your own needs, you help your entire family bloom and grow. Be patient with yourself. This raising children is not for the faint-hearted! When you have one of those days when you want to sell your kids on Ebay, step back and look at all the ways they are blooming.

You are the foundation of their success!

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