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Back in 1990...

August 1, 1990 I began a new life adventure...bringing along my almost 3 year old daughter to my new position as the BSA Child Development Center Director. While I reported in to my new office, my daughter checked in to the 2 1/2 year old class across the hall. 

There was so much to learn, transitioning from teaching elementary grades to managing adults and children age 5 and under. My last two years before coming to BSA, I was teaching 6th grade. I used to joke that I came out of dealing with puberty and moved into potty training and PMS. With the support and leadership of Sr. Odilia, Sr. Mildred, Sr. Agnesine and many others, I began to grow into my role as leader, administrator, curriculum designer, carpet installer, lizard catcher, toilet unplugger and all the other million things an early childhood director must master. 

With hard work, prayer and an ever growing vision, we began to expand the early childhood program. From the two rooms that were open when I came to BSA, we were blessed with resources and grants over the years to expand to 12 classrooms.  In 1994, we launched a new program called "Parents' Academy" with a couple of classes to provide parents with additional resources. 

As the Child Development Center and the Parents' Academy both grew, I had the honor of mentoring a new director and I moved into helping parents full time. 

I am so proud to be a part of BSA, a part of its history, its mission and its vision to serve the community. In 27 years here, I have seen many challenges and many changes and I am happy to report our community is thriving.  The Sisters are going strong in faith and service.  There are still people who need us. The palm tree is still standing. 

I am thankful to all my mentors along the way, to every parent, child and staff member who has crossed my path over the 27 years that I have been serving and learning at Blessed Sacrament Academy. I have been richly blessed in my time here and look forward to the years ahead of mission and ministry, building a stronger community, one family at a time! 

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