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Baby Bundle: Birth to age 2

Parents' Academy is happy to announce our newest parent workshop : The Baby Bundle!

This 6 week class promises to be a great resource for moms, dads and grandparents navigating the amazing and tumultuous journey of guiding a little one through their first two years of life. The course meets one evening a week starting September 18 and includes dinner and childcare at all sessions. If just the idea of 2 hours "kid free" and someone cooking a hot meal for you sounds like heaven to weary parents, it might just be worth packing up the family and heading over to Parents' Academy.

Baby Bundle will provide a nurturing environment for parents who are so busy nurturing their little ones, they often get no time to just breathe and connect with other adult humans. Join us to learn the latest on infant safety, brain development and take a break from the diapers while our awesome child care providers watch over your little one. If you are expecting, this class will be a great preview of the days ahead and you can learn from moms and dads who are the first hand experts on all things "baby".

We haven't forgotten about parents of Toddlers: that magical time often referred to as "terrible twos". Our workshop, "Toddler Time" will give you a hand as you navigate the ups and downs of chasing a toddler through what we affectionately call the "terrific twos".

The "Toddler Time" workshop begins November 6th.

Registration is open now for the "Baby Bundle", so click the registration button on our website to sign up. Knowing that one night a week, somebody will have dinner and a smile ready for you and your family might be just the incentive to postpone the laundry, leave the dishes in the sink and spend an evening re- charging your battery!

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