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Building Family Success

Another group of amazing parents will complete our "Positive Discipline Toolbox" workshop tonight. We have shared so many stories, insights, goals and dreams over the 9 weeks of the workshop. Airlan and his three daughters made Parents' Academy a part of their busy schedule every Tuesday. Dad had a chance to connect with other parents and the girls had fun playing while Daddy gained insights about nurturing, self care and building emotionally healthy relationships. He joined 14 other parents to dig in to the complex challenges and blessings of family life.

Every family has a story, and at Parents' Academy we love connecting with families and hearing those stories. Seeing the group support build as the workshop unfolds, building on concepts with connections and encouragement is what makes our workshops much more than a "how to" for successful parenting. We build a community through sharing and laughter, opening our minds and hearts to others facing the same struggles.

At the beginning, 9 weeks seems like a long the end of all the lessons, parents wonder where the time went and they want to stay connected. Learning "I am not the only one" as they hear stories of stubborn toddlers, cranky babies, and stressed and pressured teens helps parents break through the isolation of parenting. Monthly support groups and new courses give them an opportunity to keep the spirit of support and encouragement.

Every family I have the privilege to serve through Parents' Academy holds a place in my heart. In my 23 years as a parent educator, I have met thousands of parents. Each one shared a burning desire to love and guide their children, and create a better future for their family. Sometimes they are looking for a whole new recipe for raising their children, finding that the way they were raised is not a pattern they want to repeat.

Parents' Academy is proud to be a part of their story.

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