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Giving Thanks for Parents' Academy

Every family has a story….stories of challenges and struggles, and stories of blessings and success. Sharing these stories in an environment of acceptance and trust leads to learning, growth and healing for wounded families. And let’s face it: we are all wounded. There is no perfect family and we are all just doing the best we can. Finding a supportive community in the demanding 24/7 job of parenting is a gift. BSA provides that gift to the community through Parents’ Academy.

Parents’ Academy exists to empower parents with positive parenting skills that reduce family stress and build family success. This mission is accomplished through interactive and engaging workshops that serve the whole family. Stories are told, heartaches are shared and a community forms that uplifts each individual. Every session begins with a family meal, a gathering place of friendship and fellowship. Once isolated parents are soon connecting and laughing with other families. Children anticipate the fun they will have in the kid zone while their parents are in class.

Parents have been relying on Parents’ Academy for the past 23 years as a source of support and encouragement in the many challenges of family life. Moms, Dads, grandparents and caregivers gather for weekly sessions designed to meet the needs of diverse families. We are committed to creating a better future for children by helping their parents. The privilege of creating, directing and sustaining the program has given me the opportunity to interact with thousands of families since we launched our first class in August of 1994. Strengthening families is my passion!

Recent graduates of “Positive Discipline Toolbox” shared the impact of Parents’ Academy on their family. “Parents’ Academy helped me better understand how to connect to my children by helping me better understand myself.” (father of 4) “I’ve always wanted to be a better parent. However, I never really understood what to do or what I am doing wrong. I have always had the ambition. Because of this class, I now have the knowledge.” (mother of 2) “I learned how to love myself so I can show love to my children.” (mother of 2)

It is a great blessing to be a blessing to others. When our main funding sourcwe closed out in January of this year, we began a faith journey to keep the parenting program alive. God has blessed us with financial support and grants awarded to sustain Parents’ Academy. We greatly appreciate the sponsorship from a private trust, San Antonio Area Foundation and the Charity Ball Association. We continue to seek funding to serve more families in 2018 and beyond. If you would like to be a part of our story of strengthening families, contact Kathy Lozano at 210-532-0894 or

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