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Family Love List

Ask any parent to share what they love about their families and the list will come from the heart. Families in our workshops shared some of their "love list" in a recent activity. Have a look....

*closeness, caring, loving, unity

*they are always there for me no matter what!!!

*we share joys as well as difficult times

*we stick together, no matter what

* we are tight

*we love very hard. My children are a blessing: the best thing that has ever happened to me

*we are a team. We support each other. We care for each other. We help each other. We are happy for each other.


*love and affection

*our openness

*they allow me to be myself around them

*loving, compassionate, strong

*loyal and honest

*we have each other's backs in any situation

*unique, special, love me, help each other

*we all love each other even with all of our differences

*we show affection

*we value each other and encourage each other. We are stronger together!

*I love how strong and brave they are

*fun times, challenges, hugs & kisses

What would YOU add to the list about your family???

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