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Top Tips from Parents

Check out this "Parenting Values" list by our recent graduates!

*value kids for who they are, not what they do

*show them love and do activities and outings with them to have fun


*have realistic expectations

*change the paths/patterns in positive ways, not the way we learned or were taught

*be positive

*let them get involved in cooking, baking, painting, singing, dancing and games

*be attentive to their needs/wants but not to extreme


*God pray love live laugh hope faith



* talk to them instead of at them

*understand them

* empathy

*laugh a lot more bond more/ spend more time with them

*be in their world

*balance and boundaries

*love, peace, prosperity, harmony

*Happy, faithful, respectful, loyal

*french fries

"French fries" reminds us that parenting takes a BIG sense of humor! What values are our children catching by watching us? Our children learn values by watching us every minute of every day. They say "more is caught than taught". What are our children catching by watching us?

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