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2017 Roundup and Reflections

In 2017, 151 parents and their children made Parents' Academy an important part of their lives by joining our family workshops! We built friendships and positive parenting skills as we shared our stories, our challenges and our successes in family life. While moms, dads and grandparents were in class, their children had fun time in the play zone.

These smiling parents represent 6 of the 10 groups of 2017 Parents' Academy graduates. 15 of our graduates liked the program so much, they took more than one workshop series. 2017 was a pilot year for "Positive Discipline Toolbox", "Baby Bundle" and "Toddler Time".

We were blessed with dedicated and enthusiastic parents in every group! In addition to weekly workshop series, we added an open monthly support group.

It was a year of new beginnings as we worked to secure funding to continue the program. Our prayers were answered for funding support as we were blessed with grants from a private trust and two charitable foundations, The San Antonio Area Foundation and The Charity Ball Association. Graduate feedback tells us over and over again that Parents' Academy gives families the encouragement, support and skills they were hoping for.

Registration is now open for 2018 classes. "Positive Discipline Toolbox" is in the lineup again and we are launching "Zero to age Eight: Parenting Skills for Success". There will be a new course launching in February for graduates of our level one courses. Check out for more information!

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