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Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I am feeling the "love"! There are hearts and flowers throughout the hallways and classrooms here at the BSA Child Development Center! We even made handmade Valentine's cards at our parenting class last night! Moms and dads took some time away from learning about nurturing to nurture themselves with some creative fun. That is where the real learning happens, when we practice the skill.

We have been talking about nurturing ourselves to fuel our own tanks. Parenting is a Give ...give...give... and give some more endeavor. We don't stop to charge our own batteries while we are so busy keeping all the moving parts of family and home going. It is against our nature to do for ourselves, yet it is needed to keep going.

That is how I see our workshops at Parents' Academy: as a "charging station" for parents. Each meeting gives opportunities to share challenges and explore options for handling them. Knowing that someone is making a hot meal for you and will care for your children while you take 2 hours to interact with other parents provides a bit of nurturing to busy moms and dads. Learning new techniques for managing the crazy life of raising children is a bonus!

Yes, it takes a commitment of time and a juggling of schedules to join one of our workshops. Parents tell me it is worth it , that the insights they gain keep them coming back for our monthly support groups and new workshops. As stories are shared, we build bonds of friendship and understanding. I love the family we are creating at Parents' Academy!

We have new workshops beginning next month, so please share our website and facebook with families who would value a support system of like minded friends. You can find us at and

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