Looking for Discipline Solutions?

Are you tired of repeating yourself, yelling and wondering if your kids are EVER going to listen? Unless your kids are 24/7 angels, I bet there are times you want to run away, or at least hide in the bathroom and wait for them to grow up. We have all been there!

We try again and again to get through to them...holding our breath and counting to ten and promising ourselves we are not going to yell anymore. But they know how to press ALL our buttons! And the cycle starts all over again. Most of the ways our parents used to get us in line are now illegal! So what's a parent to do????

If the huffing and the puffing and the blowing the house down isn't working for you, how about investing some time in building some new discipline skills? Parents' Academy has options for you!

If you are in the early years of raising a "little", "Birth to Age 6: Parenting Skills for Success" would be a great workshop for you. This class will give you insights, information and practical strategies for navigating the early years of your child's life. Best of all, our workshops include family dinner and childcare at every class. Try googling "how to tame a toddler" while they are running all over the house! At Parents' Academy, the kids have their own zone for fun and play, supervised by certified early childhood educators while parents get to sit down, talk and learn together in a "kid free" zone.

For those raising tots through teens, "Positive Discipline Toolbox" workshop will help you replace some worn out discipline techniques like yelling, bribing and threatening. With time to explore unconditional love, trust, empathy and setting respectful boundaries, you can build your relationships into consistency and cooperation instead of fighting to gain control over your kids. Check our website at www.parentsacademysa.org for start dates and registration details.

If all you have time for is reading a 5 minute blog, I bet you can fit in a 3 minute video from my parenting tips youtube channel.

Click this link: http://bit.ly/KathyLozano

No matter what is going on with your kids, I would bet that most of the time, (when they are sleeping), we can take a moment and realize they are the most amazing thing we will ever create. Parenting is definitely not for lightweights....Parents' Academy is here to help you along the way!

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