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Parents Find Their Power at Parents' Academy

Finding your way through the many challenges of raising children in today’s world is no easy task.

There are new obstacles and opportunities at every age and stage….sometimes factors that our own parents did not face, while other challenges are familiar to anyone who has ever had a child in their life.

Many parents who find themselves with more questions than answers turn to Parents’ Academy for guidance, advice and support. You can google anything, and there is a YouTube video to teach you just about anything from putting on eyeshadow to changing your oil, but building true, solid relationships takes a lot more than a quick google search.

Parents’ Academy workshops give busy parents an opportunity to carve out the time for their most important focus: their family. The life of diapers, carpools, homework and housework, aside from working to support the family’s needs, leaves parents little time for investing in themselves. A set time and place, with family dinner and childcare, ensures that parents have 2 hours a week to catch a breath, connect with other parents and learn new skills to strengthen their family. The insights they gain keep parents coming back month after month to new workshops.

One participant summed up their experience: “Parents’ Academy helped me feel a lot better about myself. I see how I made some mistakes but how I can change and be a better parent. The class taught me how to emotionally bond and attach to my kids. I loved that I was not judged here. I want to come back and help others. “

As moms and dads plug in to an enriching and supportive environment, a deeper level of community has formed. A new course, “Emotion Coaching”, was added this year based on parent requests to learn more about helping their children navigate the emotional challenges and build coping skills. Family activities were added to strengthen the growing community at Parents’ Academy.

Over the past year, 210 parents and their children participated in one or more of the growing Parents’ Academy programs. As we plan our new year, many of those families will be back to learn, grow and invest in their family’s success.

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